Using the Exercise Ball with Resistance Bands at Home or Office

Using the Exercise Ball with Resistance Bands at Home or Office

As someone that works from home, I have tried numerous at-home workouts over the years that I can squeeze in between sales calls and sitting at the computer. I found that most of them don't give me anywhere near the quality of workout I would get from the gym, and others require me to purchase all kinds of equipment that take up a ton of space.

We first developed the So Alpha exercise ball with resistance bands to give those who utilize their home or office as their gym the opportunity to get a great workout without purchasing a ton of equipment. The stability ball itself can be used for dozens of workouts, but when you combine that with the resistance bands it takes it to a whole new level.

The 65 cm yoga ball is made of premium pvc that ca support up to 600 lbs., and the resistance bands are top quality with 15 lbs. of resistance, enough to give you a nice burn after a lot of reps but not too difficult so that they can be used from beginner to advanced levels of fitness.

The stability ball with resistance bands comes with a pump for easy assembly, as well as a stability ring that the exercise ball sits in. This stability ring is great for keeping the exercise ball stable and in place during workouts. To top it off, we provide a print out in every package demonstrating over 100 exercises that can be done using the stability ball with resistance bands, and perhaps most helpful we host videos on our website and YouTube showing you how to do each exercise.

You can now get a great workout with a vast number of exercises right at home or the office, and at a great price with minimum equipment needed.